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Spotlight Prevent Theft - Register with WRAP


Web-based Registry Anti-Theft Program
A joint program with the Police, 311 and the City’s Web site to improve security and help solve these crimes. WRAP is designed to help as a theft deterrent and to raise awareness among Somerville residents about how they can avoid this crime – and fight back

The purpose of WRAP is to create a database of portable electronic devices: makes, models, serial numbers, and their owners’ details. The information collected helps identify stolen property and potentially to identify the perpetrators when stolen property is recovered by Police and pawnshops.

Signing up for WRAP requires a couple simple steps:

  • Register your portable electronic device(s): GPS, laptop computer, cell phone, IPod, etc.
  • Protect yourself and your property.

Once you have signed up, you will receive a sticker in the mail to place on each device you register.  This sticker will warn criminals that your device can be traced by the Somerville Police if lost or stolen.

You have a better chance of recovering your property when it has been stolen or lost by simply registering it with WRAP.  But WRAP is also an awareness campaign designed to help residents protect themselves and their property.

The first and most effective step you can take to crack down on this crime is to take appropriate actions to protect your personal property. (In 20% of these thefts, the victim’s car was left unlocked!)    By taking a few extra precautions, you can avoid being an easy target.

Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Don’t store your portable electronics in the car
  • If you must, secure them safely and out of sight.
  • Keep windshield clear of suction cup rings that indicate the presence of electronic devices.
  • Keep power cords out of sight.

If your property has been stolen
File a police report immediately. SPD is investigating these crimes daily and your help in identifying the crime is important. After filing a police report, register your stolen property in this nation-wide database, Both law enforcement and citizens use this tool to recover stolen property.