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Frequently Asked Questions

The City of Somerville is committed to rodent control and public education. Rats have always been present in cities and are a fact of urban life. However, we can work together as a community to control rat populations through proper care and maintenance of our trash and properties.

The Board of Health, Health Department, Inspectional Services Division, Constituent Services (311) and other City departments are working together with residents, business owners and community groups to promote a better understanding of rat behavior and how to minimize their presence. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions below for more information and tips on rodent prevention in your neighborhood.

Together we can keep our neighborhoods clean and healthy.

 1. What evidence might I see if rats are on my property?

 2. I have seen rodents in my home or yard, who should I call?

 3. Who do I contact if concerns about rodents or health issues on private property?

 4. Who should I contact if I see rodents on public property?

 5. What will happen after I report a rodent issue to the City?

 6. How can I check on the status of my rodent control request?

 7. I saw a rodent in the City, how do I know if it is a rat?

 8. What is the City doing to get rid of rats?

 9. How can I prevent rats from becoming a problem on my property?

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