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Click on any of the profiles below to learn about some of the Somerville businesses and start-ups with whom we’ve worked in the past. Hear what they have to say about their interactions with OSPCD staff, the city of Somerville, and their own experiences starting and running local a local business!

Ben Mayer, SunBug Solar
411 Highland Avenue

Category: Solar

Sunbug Solar

“Somerville’s costs are low considering quality of life, which is very high due to the sense of community, excellent transportation, and blend of residential and urban feel.”

Silvia De La Sota, Aguacate Verde
13 Elm Street
Porter Square, Somerville

Category: Restaurant
Program(s) used: Storefront Improvement Program, Best Retail Practices Program

Aguacate Verde

“Somerville represents the American dream. It allows me to be myself and grow.”

Gui Cavalcanti, Artisan’s Asylum
10 Tyler Street

Category: Non-profit

Artisan's Asylum

“When starting and running a business, it can be hard to figure out where to go to get help. OSPCD has been really helpful in providing the guidance we needed. They’ve been invested in our success. And they’re wonderful people”

Tug Yourgrau, Powderhouse Productions
212 Elm Street
Davis Square, Somerville

Category: Media

Powderhouse Productions

"If we need help doing shoots in the city, or if we need logistical support, or help getting the word out about a project, the Mayor's Office and OSPCD are happy to help."



Alberto Cabre and Angelina Jockovich, Casa B
253 Washington Street
Union Square, Somerville

Category: Restaurant
Program(s) used: Storefront Improvement Program,

Casa B

“If we were going to invest so much money up front into a business, we wanted to make sure that we’re making the right choice in terms of location and city. That’s why we chose Somerville.”